relax: Float Spa is owned and operated by the brother and sister team of Craig and Kristy Rudzenski. Craig was the first person that he knew that tried Float Therapy and once he did, he would tell everyone that would listen the tremendous benefits he’s experienced and encouraged anyone that remotely thought they could benefit from this form of therapy to go out and do so.

From Craig:

I have been working in the consumer electronics industry for a popular videogame manufacturer for the majority of my adult life (about 17 years). I joined my company 17 years ago as a part time representative, while working towards my bachelors degree in Business Administration from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. I worked his way up in the sales/marketing department to become as assistant district manager in the NJ/NY/PA market.

In 2015 I began having some severe discomfort in his back. After 17 years of driving up and down the north east, the stressors of my job began to take a toll on my body. I initially was simply looking for a local gym that had a Jacuzzi/hot tub where I could sit in and find a bit of relief. That initial search is what led me to finding and learning about flotation therapy.

The world of flotation therapy was extremely new to me. I was never into yoga/health and wellness/mindfulness, etc. However, the more I read about REST Therapy (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) I thought that it would be beneficial. I was nervous. I felt crazy trepidation. Some of my thoughts where: “I get in this coffin thing naked?” “I don’t know if I want to be alone with my thoughts…”. However, I was feeling such intense nerve pain at the end of my workday, I needed to try something.

So I took the 45 minute drive into the city of Philadelphia to the closest Float shop I could find. I entered a small, calm and serene environment where I instantly felt relaxed. I was led through the intake process by an extremely helpful woman and all of my fears were gone.

Upon exiting their Samadhi tank, I wasn’t prepared to feel the way I felt. Words cannot describe it, and upon meeting the receptionist, she could tell “I got it”. I drove home on cloud 9. Once I got home, my wife asked me “How was that float thing you did today…” I told her absolutely amazing, however, she’d never be able to do it. The reason being, her being somewhat claustrophobic would prevent her from “letting go…” Even if she was able to muster the ability to enter the tank, I feel as if she just would’ve had a hard time enjoying the benefits of the float.

My life was changed after I stepped into the front door.

Float South Jersey has a vibe you cannot even explain. However, it’s the total package. From Tom the owners in depth knowledge of the float process, the mental and physical aspects of the float, the creativity behind the design of the float center to his actual float pools. The place is amazing. You see, Tom has custom, open pools that instantly break down the initial barriers to entry of feeling enclosed in a pod. I thought to myself…”Finally, Beth (my wife) can try it and see what the heck I’m talking about….and she’d be able to do it and not freak out!”.


After my second visit, I told Tom that he needs to franchise and I want in. This form of therapy works. It just helps. It can help everyone both mentally and physically. I want to be able to provide this sort of service to as many people as I can. This was my calling. Everyone needs to carve out at least one hour out of their month (I think much more, but If I can convince everyone to donate one hour a month for their physical and mental well being, well…I’ll take it.).


So here we are. Tom is helping us, guiding us and helping bring the same style float rooms to relax: Float Spa. We are extremely fortunate and grateful to be able to provide this sanctuary to those that welcome a level of relaxation they have never experienced before. We hope you enjoy your time spent with us and hope you spread the word and become as passionate about this form of therapy as I have become.


In this day and age of constant input and external/environmental stimuli….our brains just need a break. I tell everyone….What do we do when our phones or computers have a bunch of open apps or programs and they start running slow (and sometimes stop all together?). We hit the shut down/restart button. Well….our brains are the best computers we have and sometimes we have to do that as well…Flotation Therapy offers us that opportunity, once you experience it, I’m sure you’ll agree that you feel exponentially better than you did before, in more ways than one.