Couples Float

A Couples Float is a different experience than regular solo floating. It’s an amazing and unique experience to share with your partner, bringing you closer together, physically and emotionally, in a space that shuts out external distractions, leaving you each to experience the unity of your hearts beating and your lungs expanding, as one.

You should not expect to experience all the relaxation benefits of regular floating, as a Couples Float is not a sensory deprivation experience. Tactile deprivation is a major aspect of the regular floating experience, and that just won’t exist while floating with another person. But you will come out feeling more bonded to your partner, having experienced each other in a whole new way.

A few important notes:

Silence is Bliss: Please kind in mind that Couples Floating is still a silent experience. Some whispering might be needed as you navigate each others’ body during the float, but otherwise open conversation is not allowed, as loud voices risk carrying between the float rooms.

Intimate, not sexual
: While this is an intimate experience, it is explicitly NOT a sexual experience. Aside from the fact that getting high salinity water in certain body parts is distinctly not pleasurable, use of our space for sexual conduct is deeply disrespectful to our center, our staff and other clients. Please be assured that ANY evidence of sexual activity during a Couples Float will result in a $250 cleaning and sanitization fee. It’s just not worth it.

When you come in for your Couples Float, you’ll be asked to sign a couples float waiver/agreement to ensure we’re all on the same page on this point.

Using Member Floats: If you have a float membership with us, you can simply use two of your floats for a Couples Float (one float for you, one for your guest).